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A Superb Lifestyle at Scott Mountain by the Brook Home Apartment

Superbly designed, the Scott Mountain by the Brook Home Apartment is a fully furnished, well-maintained and beautifully spacious home apartment that allows for productive, comfortable and safe living within the SE Portland area.

An environment-friendly community of residents, The Scott Mountain by the Brook Home Apartment provides exceptional service by creating unique and positive experiences for the residents and guests. 

The apartment’s interior as well as exterior design reflects a strong sense of harmony, functionality, luxury and warmth that inspire an appreciation of life, self-esteem and security for residents and their guests.

You are provided with great amenities at the Scott Mountain by the Brook Home Apartment. There is a community swimming pool to relax and refresh at anytime of the day. A fireplace is available at the major amenity locations like the clubhouse and coffee bar. Rooms have splendid walk-in closets. Floors are carpeted on faux hardwood floor. It’s virtually a “walk-in and live in comfort, luxury and safety” mode of apartment living.

We are a pet-friendly community. The Scott Mountain by the Brook Home Apartment company policy only allows dogs up to 25 pounds. Your furry friend must meet this weight requirement. Scott Mountain Apartments have provided pet walk stations and pet walks on expansive grounds as our way of appreciating pet animals.

You will enjoy the amenities like parking garage on-site, 24 hour concierge service, Internet access, clubhouse, swimming pool, and coffee bar, fitness center with cardio equipment and built-in storage room and deck-patio.

The Scott Mountain by the Brook Home Apartment offers various living modes that suit your values and needs such as the 3-bedroom 2-bath apartment, the two-bedroom 2-bath apartment, or the one bedroom type with one bath suitable for single, independent individuals. We have a wonderful maintenance crew around.

A large floor space and a relatively high ceiling would be an excellent mode to live in as the larger space can inspire people to work quietly and productively in the living room, dining room or even the bed room.

If you brought along your brand new car or SUV, and would feel safe to be near your vehicle at anytime, we can accommodate you in one of our carport apartments with different number of bedrooms that would suit your taste.

Through an onsite management system, we are able to provide additional special services for you like a 24-hour maintenance service and after-hour emergency maintenance service. We can also receive packages for you and deliver these to your home apartment.

We have received excellent reviews from residents and guests who have stayed at the Scott Mountain by the Brook Home Apartment. You can visit site :

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